Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow? What Snow?

Everywhere I look, there is snow.  That is, everywhere I look on Facebook, Twitter, and the TV news.  However, there is no snow here.  I live in a place that usually gets snow.  We don't get a lot, but we get enough to make me happy.  Over the past few years, we have had none of it.

Even when I traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in mid January, there was hardly any snow.  There were temperatures that were ridiculously cold and there were even a few snow flurries, but nothing stayed.  The slightest puff of a breeze, and the snow whirled and swirled then whisked away to somewhere other than where I happened to be located.

Over the last week, we have had some very cold temperatures.  Promises of snow were shouted out from the local weather folks and my Weather Channel app on my iPad mini.  What actually happened was it snowed everywhere but where I live.  But, I took heart in the fact that we were going to visit my aunt this week.

Why would I take heart in that? Well, my aunt lives in a place that has had a lot of snow.   So much snow that stories of snow blowers and snow plows have filled my Facebook newsfeed from the cousins that live in the same area.  While it isn't the same as having snow where I live, it would have to do.  That was until I looked at the recent weather forecast.... 40s and rain.  Even a conversation with my aunt this evening lead to a discussion on how the "snow will be gone when you get here."  Ugh!

I love snow.  I love how it makes everything white and calm.  I love how it makes the world quiet.  I can tuck myself into my office, wrap myself in flannel, and work until my brain turns to mush.  I am hyper productive when it is snowing outside the big picture window in my office... the fireplace snapping, crackling, and popping, and fluffy, soft blankets wrap around my legs and office chair.  Those glorious snow days mean not leaving my home, living like Hugh Hefner (that is, in pajamas), and a special crispiness to the world.  For me, it is dreamy.

That said, I'm not about the second ice age many places here in the U.S. have succumb to since December.  I only need a week of it to make me happy.  However, this year it looks like yet another year of green and brown.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The New Year Brings More Activity...

My hiatus from blogging has ended.  I would like to report that I spent the time kicking back, enjoying the cold temperatures and brief fit of snow, reading book after book, and snacking on holiday sweets and treats, but that definitely wasn't the case.  Nope.  I spent my time working, scrambling to prepare for the next project, and fighting bronchitis.  But I am back now and ready to dive back into the blogosphere.

I feel the need to recap what has happened and is going to happen, but I have decided against it.  Instead, I will focus forward instead of backward, and I will resume my postings on photography, cooking, genealogy, life, and much more. But please know what has happened has been good (even the case of bronchitis didn't last as long as it could have lasted).  Booming businesses, lots of teaching opportunities, and plenty of projects to keep me beyond busy (and may have contributed to my hiatus lasting longer than expected).  But now on to even more fun, laughter, and adventures!

Welcome 2014!