Friday, May 29, 2015

May Favorites

June is here in a few days! Can you believe it?! I'm shocked at how quickly this month has flown by, but it has and I have a few favorites to share.

This spiral-bound notebook is my first favorite.  I bought this notebook at Barnes and Noble for my mum.  She lost her last notebook and had been lamenting the loss, so I bought her a new one.  The notebook is to mark the 25th anniversary of Dr. Seuss's "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" and I had already bought Mum the bookmark, so I decided to buy her the notebook.  And, I admit, my plan is go back and purchase one for me.

I love this notebook because of the lines inside (without lines I write at this weird upward angle) and the colorful, glittery balloons.  I also love the message, as Mum has done a lot more traveling and will be doing a lot more traveling since she retired. And it isn't badly priced at $9.99.

This special addition magazine by the British publisher Mollie Makes.  Last year they did a special edition magazine on blogging, so this year they tackled Social Media.  I do a little social media, but probably not as much as most.  This publication gives not only valuable tips but a lot more depth to understanding various social media platforms.  My only complaint? The price:  $17.99.  A bit much for magazine.

Mason jar mugs are all the rage right now.  And, I admit, I've been sucked into the hype.  What I love about these mugs is there is no logo or other junk on them.  And the price cannot be beat.  I paid $1.00 for each mug at the Dollar Tree.  We're using these for root beer floats (a summer tradition for the Fam).

Those who know me know that I am a sucker for caramels.  I LOVE them.  They are my favorite sweet of all sweets, and I can never have enough.  And these caramels have risen to my favorite.

Werther's Original Soft Caramels are not as easy to find as you would think.But they are well worth the purchase.  The caramels are so soft and buttery they will literally melt in your mouth.  And don't try biting into one and eating it in small bites.  It will disintegrate in your hand.  Just pop the entire piece in your mouth and prepare yourself for a caramel awakening.  Werther's Original... If you are, by chance, reading this blog post - don't be shy about sending me a case of these babies.  They will not go to waste.

Trivia Crack... My new addiction.  I love that it allows me to use all the worthless information packed away in my brain.  It kills time more effectively than solitaire, and some of the questions are very interesting as well.  My only real complaint is that I downloaded the free version which is littered with ads.  Sure, I can always cough up the $2.99 for the ad-free version, but I admit I'm cheap and cannot bring myself to spend the money on something designed to kill time while I am waiting for an oil change or a doctor's appointment.

And my final favorite is provolone flavored Cheez-Its.  I love these babies.  I am a snacker, and these are amazing things to snack on.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

What about you? What are your favorites from May?  Share in the comments!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day.  While most of us look at this as a 3 day weekend filled with grilling, camping, and the unofficial start of summer, for others it is a time to remember those who have passed before us and to honor those who fought for our country.  However you celebrate this holiday - please take a few minutes to remember those you've lost and honor those who stood up to defend this country.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Celebrating Mum...

On Sunday, May 10, 2015, a lot of people in this country was celebrating their mums.  Not this family.  It wasn't that we didn't think Mum was worth celebrating, but rather we didn't want to celebrate Mum on the same day everyone else was celebrating.  Why? Because restaurants, parks, and other places we would go are packed with people.  So, this lovely woman was celebrated the next day - Monday.

Lovely, isn't see? She's my mum and a kick-in-the-bum.  Don't let those grey hairs fool you - there is nothing elderly about this woman.  She may walk a little slower, have bad knees, and serious arthritis but she's still as fiesty and youthful as ever.  She is one of the few who, at her age, has no wrinkles.  While she has laugh lines and a little baggage under her eyes from 35+ years of working the graveyard shift, the age spots have yet to appear and her laugh is as boisterous and lively as ever.

So, Dawn and I decided to take Mum out to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants - Calico Cupboard in LaConner, Washington.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blooming Irises....

Every March and April, the fields where we live spark to life with great bursts of color from the daffodils and tulips.  When May arrives, those bursts of color come from the variety of irises. I love irises, so I thought I would share a few photographs I took of these dainty, yet brilliant flowers.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 4, 2015

March and April Favorites

Well, I haven't been as good at blogging this year as I had planned.  I know... I know... Same story - different day.  But since I was a bit lax on keeping up, I thought I would include a Favorites post.  This time, I'll cover my favorites from March and April.

My first favorite is Arcona's White Team Purifying Cleanser.  I received a sample of this product in a beauty bag full of all sorts of skin care, hair care, and miscellaneous beauty products.  Immediately I was caught by the smell.  It's fantastic.  It's this subtle blend of tea, honey, and even a bit of fruitiness.  But the true fabulousness of this product is what it does to my face.

I lucked out in the skin department.  Growing up, I rarely had a pimple, zit, spot, or black head.  As an adult, my skin stayed clear, soft, and wrinkle free.  However, I've had a difficult time finding a good cleanser that isn't harsh on my skin.  I finally found it in this product.  When I use this product, my skin feels clean, soft, and hydrated.  I love the stuff.  It's a bit steep at $42 for a 3.5 ounce size, but a little goes a long way.

While I've been pretty lucky with my skin, I've been cursed with under-eye, dark circles.  I also have puffy eyes from my twisted sleep schedule.  So, one day I thought I would try Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Vitality Eye Roll-On.  At $16, it's worth it!  It has not only lightened the dark circles under my eyes (which is nice since I don't wear make up unless I'm on camera), but it also visibly reduces the puffiness under my eyes.    It works so good, Mum has stolen my bottle.

My next favorite is the Union Jack messenger bag.  I got this in the United Kingdom, and while most would probably use this to tote around their computer, paperwork, and miscellaneous bits - I use it as a handbag.  It fits everything except my cameras, and I love it.  It's not heavy (like most bags), has plenty of room for everything, includes a top zipper (which means stuff doesn't fall out when the bag tips over), and the strap is long enough so it can be a cross-body bag.

Burt's Bees will most likely stay on my Favorites lists forever.  I cannot live without this stuff.  I have random tubes in every bag, every room, and in ever vehicle I own.  I love the way it feels on my lips (not waxy and heavy), while the balm makes my lips feel tingly and soothed.

I bought a couple of these LePens several months ago, because I thought they would be great for signing Christmas cards.  I used those pens so much, I needed to buy new ones.  This time I bought the 10 pack, but because it didn't come with my favorite color (orange) - I ended up buying a few single ones too.  These pens write smoothly - with little pressure.  I just wish the barrels of the pens were a little thicker to make maneuvering them easier.

My NERD notebook!  I have quite a few of these spiral notebooks laying around.  I use them constantly to make notes, lists, and other things.  This one is my favorite, and it is rarely out of my hands.

The final favorites is the Neutrogena spray-on sunblock.  I LOVE it!  I use to get SPF 100, but a medical professional told me it is too much and is most likely blocking important Vitamin D.  So, I downgraded to SPF 70.  This stuff gets sprayed on in the morning and several times throughout the day.  People under-estimate the damage the sun can do, and since I know too many people who have been diagnosed with skin cancer - using sunblock is part of my health routine.  Neutrogena's spray on sunblock makes it easy to use, doesn't have the strong fragrance many others have (such as Aveno's spray on sunblock), and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.  I totally recommend it!

So those are my favorites from March and April.  What are your favorite products?  Click on the comments and share yours.  I'd love to hear about them.